Friday, 13 November 2015

Last Post

I have decided to hang up my blogging boots. It's pretty time consuming and I am just not able to get it out there and reach too many fellow herpers who are interested in and passionate about Australian or any reptiles and amphibians for that matter. Either that or the blog's a bit boring but  either way I don't think it's worth the time and effort to keep it running. Also with whats happening around the world these days in the name of religion/s there are plenty more things on peoples minds and I'm figuring that going back to keeping pretty much to myself is probably the way to go. To the one or maybe a couple of guys in the USA who seem to visit regularly as soon as the posts go up, cheers and thanks for your support. I hope you enjoyed it.

Just a few photos from the past week. Finally a few snake photos - it seems like forever since I have had any to post.

A very large and extremely docile old Red Bellied Black Snake. Showing her a age a little I think.

Another very large example this time a darkly coloured and beautiful Rough Scaled Snake.

Another beautiful specimen, a Yellow Faced Whip Snake.

They're all beautiful in their own right. A large Blackish Blind Snake.

A Dwarf Crowned Snake pretending to be a Cobra in the first pic and totally relaxed in the second.

Another Red Belly, this one was considerably smaller but with a much bigger attitude.

 And another Dwarf Crowned. Looks almost ready to slough. Notice the wider and lighter crown compared with the earlier specimen.

Another large but lighter coloured Blackish Blind Snake.

A couple of Keelbacks

Went for a walk yesterday afternoon hoping to find a couple of different Dragons. We did see one but were too slow to get a photograph unfortunately because I am fairly sure it was a Tommy Round Head which is the only dragon I am yet to get a decent photograph of for my book. Oh well I'll just have to go back again - it's tough but someone has to do it.
As you can see the reptiles were a bit thin on the ground so I tried my hand at the macro setting. It needs a hell of a lot of work , either that or I need to pay someone to hold the camera steady for me.

A Verreaux's Skink from earlier in the week.

And finally from this morning a beautiful Blue-tongued Skink which was soaking up a few rays of sunlight next to my driveway only a few metres from the house. We are so lucky to be able to share our space with so many awesome creatures.

Once again thanks for sharing it's been an interesting experience for me.
Happy herping everyone.


Saturday, 7 November 2015

A mixture of local critters

A few critters from around the house over the past couple of nights.
I thought about a drive tonight but the weather got a bit cool after the storm this arvo so I decided to stay local and to go for a walk instead.

A few different Orb Weaving spiders

A couple of geckos. The ever present Asian House Gecko. 

An an almost translucent Robust Velvet Gecko

A nice, but a bit skinny looking Great Barred Frog

A Common Scaly Foot, the first one I have seen on the property. He has a much shorter re-generated tail than normal. Usually the tail of this species is around twice the length of the body.

Not much to share today, but I have a big day and night coming up next week so hopefully a few more pics to post then.