Wednesday, 23 September 2015

A couple of locals

The other night there was a lone and very vocal male frog just outside our door. He didn't shut up all night which didn't bother us but he definitely seemed to be wasting a lot of energy. Last night it stormed and rained quite heavily so he obviously knew his stuff and was just getting a jump on the opposition. Seeing as he was so vocal I decided to check him out and then take a wander up to the shed and see if anything else was out and about as well. The results of about five minutes of my time and a couple of laps around the shed are shared below.

The noisy little bugger, a male Broad-palmed Frog. I love the eyes.

A common but unwelcome alien to South East Queensland and many other areas, an Asian House Gecko. These guys are abundant on the walls of our home but we don't see them on or in the shed which isn't far from the house, probably because the shed lights are rarely used.

This fella was lapping up moisture from a leaking concrete water tank behind my shed. A large and very beautiful Southern Spotted Velvet Gecko.

A equally large and attractive Robust Velvet Gecko on the back door of the shed. Unfortunately my phone rang just as I spotted this one and I rushed the photo hence the out of focus shot. I wish that I had spent a bit more time on it as it was a really nice specimen and pretty trippy looking with the half original half re-generated tail.

This Grey Huntsman was freakin huge, big enough to tackle one of the resident geckos I reckon. Either that or it would make an awesome feed for one of them.

And finally another very common but introduced blow in the Cane Toad.

Just a short post today, catch up again soon.



Saturday, 19 September 2015

Spring at last

Fingers crossed this is going to be a productive season in more ways than one. The El Nino weather pattern is moving back into our part of the world and it will be interesting to see how this affects our herpetofauna in the coming months. So far its been pretty quiet although recent rains will probably help, provided we get some stable conditions rather than the topsy turvy temperatures we have been receiving recently. The rains could prove to be a real problem though with vegetation growth surging at the moment. If the expected dry conditions eventuate there will be heaps of fuel around once it dries out and the ever present threat of bushfire will be heightened.
I've bitten the bullet and got myself a reliable second hand vehicle, one which will be capable of getting me into, and hopefully out of some places that until now I have never been able to access. Looking forward to next month when I have a few days off and big plans to do a couple of longer trips to some pretty trippy country. Stay tuned for a more regular blog and hopefully some half decent photos as well.
Below are a few shots, most of which were taken in the past month or so.

A pair of Eastern Sedge Frogs

A female Stoney Creek Frog

Eastern Hooded Scaly-foot

A couple of Eastern Crevice Skinks

A couple of Eastern Ranges Rock Skinks

Cunningham's Skink

A couple of Tree Skinks

White's Skink

Murray's Skink

Wyberba Leaf-tailed Gecko

Southern Angle-headed Dragon

Jacky Dragon

A pair of Eastern Bearded Dragons

Some fungi that has benefited from recent rains.

An attractive rainforest inhabitant, a Red Legged Pademelon

A less attractive critter, a coloured up Brown Huntsman 

And finally the least attractive of all by a long shot the rare and endangered GOFB 
(grumpy old fat bastard) with its new toy.

Cheers, it's been a while between drinks hopefully the next blog post might come along a bit sooner rather than later.