Sunday, 14 September 2014

A lazy Sunday morning recharging in nature

I stuck to the coast today and although I don't have too many animal photographs to show for my time it was a great day weather wise and the activity of the wildlife was encouraging compared with the results of the past few weeks. As well as the Copper-tailed skink and the Frilled Lizard there were numerous Elegant Snake-eyed skinks active and a largish though relatively shy Lace Monitor which stayed well concealed in the undergrowth making a decent photo impossible.
The Copper-tailed Skink. A beautiful and quite inquisitive critter who made his presence known by rustling around the dry leaf litter hunting for bugs.
A bit of an aussie icon as far as reptiles go, the Frilled Lizard. he was already half way up the tree when I spotted him so the photo has been severely cropped by the zoom and isn't the best. All the same it is great to see these guys again as for a while they were extremely rare in the South East.
Once again to fill in the post and make it worth reading I have attached a few photographs of other critters taken in the region
A Martin's Skink, looking a little intrigued as to what I was up to.
Carpet Python, one of the most commonly recorded snakes in South East Queensland.
One of my favourite frogs the Giant Barred Frog, and a stunning specimen at that.
A Spotted Black Snake found only in the far western and south western limits of the region.

Cheers, talk to you in week or so.


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