Friday, 20 March 2015

Hot nights and a few frogs.

The last few days and nights have been unseasonally warm. Mid to high thirties with little respite during the night. No rain but the frogs have still been out and about with a few species including Cane Toads calling to try and attract a mate for some late season breeding.
I have noticed quite a few snakes (dead on road) around as well which is a real shame. One in particular this afternoon on the Mooloolaba offramp from the highway a good two metres from the edge of the only lane must have taken a considerable effort to reach without running off the road. It's a bit sad that unreasonable fear of an essentially harmless creature can evoke such hatred and irresponsibility as to put their own and other peoples lives in danger just to kill it. Hope you're proud of yourself who ever you are, you get my vote for this weeks
Friday F#*@wit (Sorry for pinching your tag JJJ and the Doctor).
There could be a bit of rain about as some of the burrowing reptiles have surfaced in the past few days as well. A mate of mine doing survey work recorded a Bandy Bandy in mangrove swamp only a few metres from the salt water last night. A new one for me at least and we are wondering what species of Blind Snakes (Bandy's primary food source) might be living in that intertidal habitat.
This large adult Verraux's Skink was another fossorial reptile that has been on the move during the hot weather.
The frogs in no particular order.
A very attractive Striped Marsh Frog one of a number seen and heard on Wednesday night.
A couple of different male Stoney Creek Frogs some of many recorded last night.

A female Stoney Creek Frog from the same location.
A small Broad-palmed Frog also from the same location.
And a very different looking Broad-palmed Frog which was camera shy and flatly refused to allow itself to be photographed out in the open.
Cheers, have a great weekend everyone.

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