Wednesday, 28 October 2015

A few frogs

Just a few frog photos from Monday night. Went out to a Sunshine coast hinterland Bridge site with a mate of mine to assist in a short fauna survey. The timber bridge is due to be demolished and replaced with a concrete and steel structure and they are keen to know what environmental impacts the construction detour will create.
Three species, two of which are significant were recorded within 10 metres of the current structure. Giant Barred Frogs were emerging from burrows in the banks adjacent to the bridge. Both male and female Stoney creek frogs were active but not calling. Tusked frogs were abundant but recorded only from their calls from under overhanging banks and other cover. There were numerous species of native fish and crustaceans also recorded in the pools adjacent to the bridge. It will be interesting to see how the council approach the construction of the new bridge especially the re-routing of traffic during the build, based on the environmental reports they receive.
I never get tired of photographing these guys. The golden eyes of the Giant Barred Frogs are mesmerising.

The pattern in the groin and thighs of the first female Stoney creek Frog is extensive.

There were a few of these around, I believe they are King crickets.
A Tusked Frog photographed a few years ago in a different location. The pattern in the eye is amazing.


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